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PEERS is one of the only research- and evidence-based social skills programs available.  UCLA's program has been featured in a variety of publications and news reports.  Check them out here.  


Don't Just Take Our Word on This...

  1. Contact us for an intake
  2. Meet the team and  complete intake
  3. Attend 13 weekly sessions 
  4. Do your homework weekly
  5. Graduate and find yourself flush with friendships!

"Before this group my teen would not have felt comfortable meeting new peers and inviting them over for get-togethers. He really latched onto the 'trading information' technique as something that made sense to him. He also became more social in the context of wanting to be with others more often."

~ MN PEERS parent

Speak Right Now was the first agency in Minnesota to offer PEERS. We help teens make and keep friends, deal with bullying, and improve existing relationships.  PEERS works because parents and teens BOTH learn the friendship skills.  Parents become "coaches" as the teens practice the skills throughout the week.  PEERS was developed at UCLA , and is now here in the Twin Cities!  Sessions are held in New Brighton on Sunday evenings.  


MN PEERS boasts 41 collective years of experience in speech-language pathology... and that doesn't even include our years in related fields!   We all have "day jobs" in secondary schools (by choice!).  We really enjoy and "get" tween and teen clientele.  

Jenny Elton is PEERS certified and owner of Speak Right Now, LLC.  MA CCC-SLP,  teen facilitator

Wendi Schirvar, Ph.D., NCSP, Parent facilitator
Suzie Feiertag, MS CCC-SLP, MN PEERS founder, parent & teen facilitator.

Becky Haas, MS CCC-SLP, MN PEERS founder, parent facilitator

The Process

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It is not unusual for families to drive 2-4 hours each way to attend a PEERS group. WHY?  IT WORKS!


Helping teens & young adults 

make and keep friends