Why is PEERS different?

The PEERS program is not a social group in which we bring a few teens together, teach them some skills and hope they become friends. The frustration with this approach is teens may not have common interests or may not live near each other, so their friendships are not able to be maintained.

PEERS is a workshop, in which we train teens, along with their parent/guardian, in specific skills each week.  The teen then will go home and use these skills in their own environment to develop friendships. Parents/guardians understand how to help their teen and are their teen's coach throughout the week.

PEERS is one of two programs in the world, which has been researched and is proven to work.

Teens who have completed the PEERS program are, on average, able to move from zero get to-gethers a week to 3-4 get to-gethers a week  with friends.

Why it works, in a nutshell, is because PEERS:

  • Is evidence-based
  • Includes parents
  • Is structured like a class, not a therapy group
  • Teaches ecologically valid social skills based on how socially successful individuals behave
  • Breaks down social skills into understandable steps taught in an effective way
  • Builds in the generalization of skills to “real life” settings
  • Teaches skills that transfer to the workplace


Helping teens & young adults 

make and keep friends